Russian Rroma Music

An old Rroma choir


Moscow 1920s

Russian Rroma music is often unknown. While Flamenco, especially in the last few years has “come out” and is well known to the general public, the Russian Rroma, especially in their more traditional music, have largely remained in obscurity. 

 Russian Rroma music is centred on two elements: The guitar, always traditionally a seven stringed open tuned guitar and voices. In fact, for many years, Rroma choirs were the basis of this music, with up to twenty singers and dancers and several guitars. Traditionally, singers sing the melody, terce, quinte (upper and lower) and bass.  

The violin had originally no place among Russian Rroma music. It was brought by Rroma from the South, such as the Gulesco clan from Romania who achieved  fame at the court of the last Russian Tsar.  

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